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Shoujo Ai Showdown on GarmRO

Do you love RO? Do you enjoy Anime, especially when it has girlxgirl? Like being the best? Then this is for you!


GarmRO is a "Super High Rate" server- meaning that it is really easy to level.
You can get from level 1 to level 1000 in less than 1 day! Stat maxes being raised to 1000 allows for considerable variability in builds. Trust me that after WoE and PvP room, you'll see it isn't quite the cake walk it sounds like from the numbers!

It is still a young server, and at the moment we are one of the largest guilds. This week we took 8 Castles.

GarmRO Specs:

21474836.5/21474836.5/100 (Base/Job/Items)
Card Drop-
0.60% for MvP's and 0.60% for regular mobs.
The max base level and job level is 1000.
[Example] Name: Garm | L:1000/L:1000 | Job: Stalker
Instant Cast:
250 Dex
Max Health/Power:
HP : 5000000
SP : 5000000
Customs from Events and Quests:
GarmRO has 1,725 customs to offer:
403 are custom pet eggs (all tames are purchasable @mall).
234 custom designed mobs.
640 disguised brooches.
448 different headgears, wings, weapons, etc.

No Gold Room
WoE 3 times a week
most @ commands including @warp

Shoujo Ai Showdown

Members: 45
Average Member level: 800
New Guild Forums:

Shoujo Ai Showdown is a guild that volk_krosh and silencescreams created on GarmRO.

The server has approximately 150 registered players, and only about 15-30 are online at a time. This means that many of the awesome anime related names are still available for use.

If the name you had wanted is already taken, try another! There are plenty of characters in
the Shoujo Ai Genre.

We are inviting you to come and play the game with us,and join our Shoujo Ai guild.

Create a character with a name coming from a Shoujo Ai series (cannon or subtext), pick
a class, and join our guild! Don't worry if you're a boy or girl, you can play either sex,
and we would be more than happy to have a Reito, Nagi, or Takumi in the group. If it's
from a Shoujo Ai, it's just right!

Since the server is still working on getting more players, GirlonGirl is kicking butts
and taking names on GarmRO. We're looking for helpful new members, who will enjoy the challenge of building a strong knowledgeable guild while maintaining a friendly tight knit atmosphere. Come and join the fun!

Computer Specs:

Minimum Requirements
OS Windows 98se/me/2000/XP
CPU Pentium - 500 or equivalent
(Athlon CPU, Celeron)
RAM 128 MB or higher
VGA Video Card DirectX compatible video card with 8MB video memory, DirectX 8.0 or higher.
SOUND Sound Card DirectX compatible sound card
Other Other 700MB or higher Hard Drive space.

Recommened Requirements
OS Windows 98se/me/2000/XP
CPU Pentium - 700 MHz or higher
(Athlon CPU, Celeron)
RAM 256 MB or higher
VGA , Video Card DirectX compatible video card with 32MB video memory, Transform & Lighting, DirectX 8.0 or higher
SOUND Sound Card DirectX compatible sound card / 3D Surround Sound Support
Other Other 700MB or higher Hard Drive space

A list of Shoujo Ai series:

For a link to GarmRO's website or Questions, check our Guild Website linked above in this post. Or private message me on LJ.

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