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FUBAR'ed by GameStop

How many of you acquired the game, Army of Two?

Well, last January, was offering a special deal: buy Army of Two from their website, and you would get, as a special bonus, a code to unlock two extra weapons which had been decided upon by the Army of Two fan community.

Wow! That sounds like a pretty cool deal. Why buy the game from Circuit City or Wal-Mart, when you can get TWO EXTRA WEAPONS from GameStop?

Well, it turned out too good to be true. When hundreds or thousands of us got the game, opened the packaging (thus violating GameStop's return policy), put the disc into our Xbox 360s and entered the code? We got one weapon.

::: Holds up some fingers in GameStop's direction:::
Not two weapons... ONE WEAPON.

Well, that was weird... , I thought. So I called up GameStop.

Oh, don't worry about it, they told me, We know all about this problem. We've had TONS of calls about this. Give us your e-mail address and we'll update you as soon as we get this straightened out.

Weeks go by. Nothing happens. I call GameStop back. Suddenly, it isn't their problem at all. They get very friendly with me. You know... I am in exactly the same boat you are. I was REALLY PISSED that EA GAMES did this to BOTH OF US, so I called them up and gave them a piece of my mind. Man, do I feel your pain.

Uh-huh. Well, GameStop, you guys sold me the defective merchandise. You made this special offer. I want a refund.

They absolutely refused. Especially, because I opened the packaging on my game. Wait a minute... I had to open the frakking packaging in order to find out the product was defective!!!

Because GameStop hasn't been helpful, I have taken the matter to the Better Business Bureau of Fort Worth... where GameStop/EBgames HQ is, and where the and websites are run.

Thus far, they are refusing to take responsibility on the matter.

In fact, they have altered the details of my order so that it now only says "Army of Two", instead of "Army of Two with Bonus!" on it. Sneaky. But I have e-mails and other evidence to prove it wasn't always so. I've submitted this to the BBB, and I can use it as evidence otherwise.

But here's the thing. My father is an attorney, and told me a neat little fact: because GameStop/EBgames is conducting business over the Internet, they are essentially doing business in each of our home-states. Which means, each one of us could file in small-claims court, in our home states, and GameStop would either have to have someone come to represent them in the local court, or allow the action to default against them. I assure you.. it would cost far too much for GameStop to hire an attorney to represent them over a game that costs $60. (plus shipping & handling)

But now I'm wondering something.... Just how many customers got shystered by GameStop/EBgames? Hundreds? Thousands? Would this be worth filing a class-action suit over?

How many of you bought Army of Two from GameStop, based upon this special offer?
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