xochipilli (a_xolotl) wrote in online_gaming,

Games to help 12-15 year olds learn English? Online?

Hey everyone! I'm giving English lessons in France, and three of my students (aged 12 to 15) really like playing online games, from Tetris to WoW. Do any of you have some suggestions as to some great online or otherwise obtainable games I could show them to practice their English with?

The key is getting them to read/use English, build their vocabulary a bit maybe, while doing something they enjoy. Something visual and entertaining maybe a little crazy or comical, with a significant amount of language. Two have a good grasp of English while the youngest does not (knows basic vocabulary and grammar). I think showing them some games that have a lot of English vocabulary, grammar, questions and responses, would be awesome. However I'm not a huge gamer myself and don't know the best places to look. So far I've only come up with 'educational' games that have the education aspect but are super dull. I'd settle for non-educational games that are just fun to play and could get someone to improve their English. Or maybe something like NumberCrunchers, but with language and well, maybe a little more 'fun' still? They like martial arts, wrestling, guitar and rock music, World of Warcraft, a cooking game (they're French go figure), Smash Brothers. I don't know, I'm pretty open, give me any suggestions, links, resources you can!

Thanks in advance! Any ideas will be greatly appreciated and looked into.
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