ickii_xp (ickii_xp) wrote in online_gaming,

Hai thurr ^.~

 Hai Guise! I'm new to this community. But I'm not new to gaming! I used to use LJ all the time but lost the password to my old account. So I'm back on a new profile. Gaming wise! I game mostly on World of Warcraft and occasionally I like to play on my Xbawks  :D 

I like some chill back games like Viva pinata and Fable.
But when I'm in the mood for wrecking face, I either pvp in WoW
or I play Halo Reach or COD black ops. 

I'd say L4D is in my chill back games but IT'S ZOMBIES MAN!
That shit keeps you on your toes o.0

But WoW is definitely my thing right now. 
I play a prot/arms warrior
and I'm the guild master of a guild called "COOL STORY BRO" lol

That is all (: 
Take care.
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