jazdan (jazdan) wrote in online_gaming,

Calling All Little Monsters To GagaVille!

What does the popular Facebook game FarmVille have to do with the world of pop music? No, that’s not a trick question. This week, FarmVille is the place to go if you are a Lady Gaga fan.

I had stopped playing FarmVille, and only restarted recently. Quite frankly, while it was somewhat fun, I found it something that can easily get on my nerves, particularly with all the gifts being sent and requested. I did see that they had opened the “English Countryside” so I thought I would see what was new with that. Then, I started seeing ads for an upcoming promotion, GagaVille.

Lady Gaga’s new album, “Born This Way”, is set for release on May 23 and advertising is really cranking up for the release. My musical tastes are somewhat varied, but I have to admit that most “current” pop and rock music simply does not get my attention. I don’t dislike Lady Gaga, but I really can’t tell you much about her or even name some of her songs. However, the idea that Lady Gaga was going to be teaming up with FarmVille was intriguing.

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